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David Macey – Managing Director

David Macey – Managing Director One thing is for sure, the new normal will be very different to what we’re accustomed to. This means that businesses, societies, and people now need to adapt to keep safe and protected, which will undoubtedly present new challenges. Those challenges however can be overcome. Here at Shield we are […]

PSTN Shutdown 2025

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BT’s analogue network is being closed, but how can you keep your home or business protected if it currently relies on PSTN? Find out what you need to do to keep your security systems online before and after the big switch off. Have you heard about BT’s plans to permanently close its analogue network? It’s […]

Christmas Home Security Tips

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Christmas Home Security: 10 Tips to Beat the Burglar The weeks leading up to Christmas are the biggest shopping weeks of the year and for many retailers often accounts for 70% of their annual revenue. Stocking our homes with the latest electronic gadgets, computers, jewellery and must-have accessories is the norm, unfortunately though it provides […]

Access Control to Help Customers Provide COVID-Secure Buildings

COVID-19 has had a major impact on most businesses, affecting not just the business but also security operations too. Preventing unauthorised access to your building is essential for security and health and safety. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, improperly secured premises could also result in the continued spread of the virus, especially given that […]

CCTV Surveillance for Surrey County Council & Farnham Town Council

Council Requirements Mixture of PTZ and Bullet Cameras Cameras to blend in with surroundings Night vision capability Vehicle Traffic Management Software Wireless Solution Images to be viewable from anywhere on the Council’s and the Surrey Police network. Shield’s Solution Our team have begun installing a combination of high-performance pan, tilt and zoom cameras along with […]