Commercial access control & door entry

Front of house security

At Shield we provide a wide range of Video/Audio Door Entry, Access Control and Intercom solutions.

There are many solutions available for controlling access and securing a building and assets.

From a simple standalone solution on a main entrance door, to a multi door PC based entry system, Shield can help design a system that’s right for you.

User friendly audio/visual and SIP door entry systems available to communicating single to multiple entry locations.

Receive APP notifications on your mobile or tablet when an alarm is triggered.

Shield’s Cloud services and remote access means support and assistance can be carried out remotely.

Our Alarm Receiving Centres can monitor your premises 24/7, which means that if an alarm is triggered, they can act instantly.

Not Just opening doors!

Our Access Control systems can come with many other access features such as:  Timesheets, Occupancy Management, and anti-passback.

 Now with the added advantage of offsite platform management via secure website, phone or tablet.