Protecting your home and family

Our home CCTV systems provide you with the latest technology to protect what matters most. All easily monitored on any PC, smartphone or tablet.

More and more domestic home owners are turning to CCTV as an additional cost effective layer to securing their homes. 

Mobile Managed CCTV

Access cameras remotely from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop with all footage being securely stored locally or in the cloud. 

Integrate your CCTV system with other smart security systems in your home with everything controlled through a single device.

Video tripwires can now be configured to alert you of an alarm if motion is detected in a specific area of your premises.

Cameras can be installed around your property for maximum coverage and peace of mind.  24/7 protection monitoring is also available.

Peace of Mind

Here at Shield we provide professionally designed and installed CCTV systems which deliver a high level of quality and detail to all of our installations.  

Our system aftercare and maintenance services also ensure your  security systems continue to operate effectively.