Commercial CCTV Systems

CCTV for your business

Shield’s in house CCTV monitoring service ensures¬† complete protection when you need it most.

Our CCTV surveillance systems offer more than a simple security system, it can provide valuable information into security breaches, accidents or health and safety incidents. Our systems consist of networked, standalone, wired or wireless high definition cameras, ensuring there is a solution for every application.

Record and store unlimited footage and audio locally or in the cloud.

View and search for high definition images from your desktop or mobile devices.

Configure CCTV video tripwires which start recording if motion is detected in a specific area.

Standalone systems or fully monitored 24/7 by our in house monitoring centre.

Commercial cctv

Why Install CCTV?

A video surveillance system is a key component of a comprehensive security strategy. Whether your sites are big or small, an effective CCTV system can serve as a crime deterrent Рas well as provide key insights on your business. 

Whether a traditional local video surveillance to IP systems and cloud-based storage options, Shield can design, install, the right video system for your needs.