PSTN Shutdown 2025

Have you heard about BT’s plans to permanently close its analogue network? It’s a huge project that will affect millions of devices such as landline phones and, importantly, security systems. You can read more about what the PSTN is and how your security could be affected here.

The bottom line is that with the network is closing, any devices still connected will no longer work. So, if your intruder alarm, fire, or CCTV system is currently connected to a monitoring centre, urgent action will be required to ensure your home or business stays protected.

We also explained in that article, the deadline for the big switch off is December 2025. However, the project is already underway with some exchanges already being closed. With this in mind, it is best to ensure your security system is updated as soon as possible to ensure you stay connected now and after the 2025 deadline.

In this article, we’ll discuss your options to help you stay protected.

What’s happening to the PSTN in my area and when?

As security providers, we’re keeping up to date with Openreach to understand which telephone exchanges will be affected and when – although we do expect some of the details to change as the project continues. The big switch-off project is being split into phases where exchanges are going into what’s called the “stop sell” phase. That’s the point at which no new analogue lines will be sold or connected to the PSTN.

Once an exchange goes into that phase, one year later, they’ll switch off all the analogue lines and move them across to VOIP. That’s when devices that rely on a PSTN connection will stop working – again, this includes security and life safety systems.

Due to the likelihood that some of the details of their schedule are likely to change, we are encouraging our customers to ask us for the latest guidance regarding your local exchange. Just give us a call, we can talk you through everything you need to know.

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Will I need to replace my security system when PTSN closes?

Just because the PSTN is closing, you may not need to replace your current security system – even if it does currently rely on the analogue network for monitoring. We know that Digicom, RedCare, and Dualcom devices will likely be affected, but the good news is that a simple upgrade can help you stay protected.

We’re already providing solutions to easily upgrade our customers’ security systems (fire detection, intruder alarms, CCTV, etc). These are simple components that can be installed to switch your system from relying on analogue communication to digital.

For business customers, the solution you choose may be dictated by the security grading required by your insurance company. This is why we’re providing a range of the latest different solutions for digital communication.

Again, you can speak to our friendly expert team to find out what the best option is for upgrading your current home or business security.

What happens next?

As previously mentioned, the PSTN switch off is already underway, which is why we’re advising our customers to act urgently in upgrading their security to digital communication.

The first thing you need to do is contact us to arrange an appointment for an engineer to check your system and assess which upgrade solution will be best for you. They’ll also be happy to offer any advice you need to improve your security.

Rest assured, the upgrade will be carried out as smoothly as possible to minimise any potential disruption to your security. Once it is completed, your system will be ready to work with digital communication before and after the PSTN switch off.

Even if you’re not currently a Shield customer, we’ll be happy to help you protect your home or business and prepare you for the digital future. We’re ready to carry out the essential work necessary to keep our customers homes and businesses protected.

Give us a call on 01252 339039 or use the link below to book your appointment.