CCTV Surveillance for Surrey County Council & Farnham Town Council

Council Requirements

  • Mixture of PTZ and Bullet Cameras
  • Cameras to blend in with surroundings
  • Night vision capability
  • Vehicle Traffic Management Software
  • Wireless Solution
  • Images to be viewable from anywhere on the Council’s and the Surrey Police network.

Shield’s Solution

Our team have begun installing a combination of high-performance pan, tilt and zoom cameras along with wide-angle infra-red bullet cameras to monitor traffic analytics around the Farnham Town centre. The purpose is to monitor traffic volume and footfall around the town due to the widening of the pavement around the one-way system. Due to the Covid-19 situation the cameras are also to be utilised to ensure that social distances measures are adhered to by the workforce and the public.

The cameras are to be directly linked to a new wireless network installed by our team and configured onto our Milestone/Veer Vehicle Traffic Management Software. Our solution will provide excellent coverage at all hours and supply the council with the traffic analytic data they require.