Home Security

Home Security

Residential Intruder Alarm Systems provide home owners with the vital peace of mind that their property and possessions are protected at all times. Today’s home Intruder Alarm Systems fall into two categories, those that signal ‘off site’ to gain intervention, and those that audibly make a noise ‘on site’. Using the latest modern technology most of our customers choose systems that signal to our 24hr Remote Monitoring Station. This means they have total assurance that their home is protected when needed most.

Many Intruder Alarm Systems are wireless meaning limited disruption to your home and ease of installation. You can also easily protect your outbuildings such as sheds, garages, studios or home offices.

Home CCTV Systems

CCTV has long been recognised as a major tool in the fight against crime and is fast becoming a real asset and deterrent for home owners looking to protect their personal homes. CCTV Systems now produce 1080p High Definition images allowing remote access, viewing and recording by smart phone & tablet applications. These developments are making this advancement in technology one of the most effective tools for home owners protecting their property and surroundings.   Shield Integrated Solutions are experts in CCTV design, using the latest professionally manufactured systems from industry leaders.

Shield are also partners with most of the worlds leading CCTV manufacturers meaning we can offer very high quality at competitive costs.

More and more domestic home owners are turning to CCTV as an additional cost effective layer to securing their homes. Here at Shield we provide professionally designed and installed CCTV systems delivering a high level of quality and detail to all of our installations.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection

One of the main concerns for all of us today is the potential of what is known as the silent killers. These are Smoke & Carbon Monoxide.

Shield provide systems that can include both wired and wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection which can be added to the Intruder Alarm. This provides protection to your home whilst you are home and away.

Monitored systems can send a signal to our Remote Monitoring station alerting you or the emergency services of an alarm activation.