Access Control

The Shield range starts as a basic one door Access Control solution right through to multiple door systems across several sites.

Every business, no matter what size, have assets that need to be protected from theft or unauthorised viewing. Staff as well as their property also need to be protected. It is common in buildings that are secured by locks and keys for doors to be left unlocked all day. This opens up the possibility of opportunist theft, unauthorised access to personal possession, information and data, especially in buildings with unmanned reception areas.

Electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing a building and assets. Installing an access control system means that you have total control of who is entering & exiting your building. By utilising proximity tags, cards, PIN numbers or even Biometric Finger Print Scan, access can be authorised through the electronically controlled doors. Users can also easily be barred from the system if required. Any barred or deleted media will not permit access through controlled doors.

Once an access control system is installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Anyone without authorised access will be unable to enter. If necessary, doors can be set to unlock during a designated time frame, such as for a contractor who maybe on site for limited period of time.