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UK Agri Watch

X-Mil is working with our farming, rural communities and businesses to reduce crime.

UK Agri Watch

X-Mil is working with our farming, rural communities and businesses to reduce crime.

The National Farming Union reported that UK Rural theft cost an estimated £42.3 million during 2012. These values remain persistent and recent NFU statistics demonstrate the items most commonly targeted by thieves. Click on your item of interest from the statistics table below to see how X-Mil can secure your property:

Items most commonly targeted by thieves 2013

National Farmers Union statistics 2013

No. 1 Tools

X-Mil Alarm SystemsX-Mil can provide necessary protection to your tool and garden equipment stores. Whether your storage is linked to main buildings or is separate or at some distance from your primary site, we can provide and install the appropriate Alarm systems.

X-Mil CCTVX-Mil security systems are completely adaptable to protect one or several areas with audible alarm or GSM/GPRS signalling notification to your phone or to the X-Mil control room.

We can also provide you will a full range of CCTV options. Whether you need a single fixed device, or a multi-site array, we are leaders in offering highly adaptable surveillance measures for any area of your Farm operation.

No. 2 ATV/ Quad bikes

Quad Bike TheftATV and Quad bikes are consistently high targets. There are a number of simple measures that you can do to deter theft such as CESAR tagging or covertly marking the vehicles with ID, however this will not discourage removal of your equipment or its later return in a damaged unusable condition. X-Mil provides effective measures that will prevent and provide a quick alert to any attempted removal.

Tracking & Alert SystemX-Mil provides tracking and vibration sensors that when fitted to your vehicles and machinery, will alert you if an attempt is made to move your equipment or allow you track and report its location to the authorities.

Consider also X-Mil external PIR sensors and perimeter alarms or installation of X-Mil CCTV. Our monitoring services which can provide scheduled surveillance as you require.

No. 3 Machinery

Often agricultural equipment is ‘stolen to order’ by professional gangs and transported out of the country to Africa, Eastern Europe or the Middle East. Trailers especially livestock trailers are particularly vulnerable but Tractors and Materials handlers are also high on the target list. Often however the thieves target accessories such as batteries or even Electronic control units from tractors, Combines and foragers.

X-Mil can arrange for necessary tracking or immobiliser devices to be installed as you require, but you may also wish to discuss our high specification CCTV packages which are tailored to your need and fully installed by X-Mil professionals. Consider our live monitoring services for night time or at times when your site may be unattended.

Machinery Theft
No. 4 Oil/ Diesel

Figures from NFU for 2012 showed oil theft claims totalled £1.5m with average claim costs at £1431. Theft of Red and White diesel account for three quarters of fuel theft claims, heating oil 23% and bottle gas 2%. The worst affected region was the South East accounting for 17% of claims.

Oil & Diesel TheftX-Mil provides Fuel tank Alarms and contents gauges which can be configured to alert through Alarm system, direct to your phone or by Alarm siren. Consider also installing X-Mil PIR sensors and perimeter alarms and X-Mil CCTV installation also as a strong deterrent.

No. 5 Livestock

Grazing animals are an easy target for the thief. Regularly check the fields where animals are grazing - daily if possible and ensure your perimeters are secure.

X-Mil recommends you consider using CCTV so you can monitor animals in barns or yards from your home or farm office. This can be especially useful during busy times like the lambing season or for you to monitor your horse boxes and liveries. X-Mil access controls are also a very effective way of managing entry and exit to livery sites or your main areas of operation.

No. 6 Metal

Protect metal theftThere are a number of measures you can take to protect your metal items and stores. X-Mil can supply and fit Roof Beam alarms to vulnerable buildings to protect your copper or lead fittings. Your main storage for piping, cabling or parts can be fitted with X-MIL PIR sensors or proximity devices. Consider also the benefit of our CCTV systems and X-Mil perimeter alarms to protect your gates and fencing.

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